2011 Lower South Platte Symposium


2011 Lower South Platte Water Symposium

Held Wednesday March 16, 2011

Northeastern Junior College - Sterling, CO


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Dr. Lance Bolton, President

Water Supply Update & Future Administration
Dave Nettles, Colorado Division of Water Resources
Click here for Dave Nettles’ Presentation

2011 Water Legislation & Colorado Water Congress Overview
Doug Kemper, Colorado Water Congress
Click here for Doug Kemper’s Presentation

Water 2012 Celebration and Planning
Nicole Seltzer, Colorado Foundation for Water Education
Click here for Nichole Seltzer’s Presentation

Statewide Water Planning
Jacob Bornstein, Colorado Water Conservation Boar
Click here for Jacob Bornstein’s Presentation

Colorado Legislative Perspective
Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg (invited)

Lower South Platte Water Cooperative
Jim Yahn, North Sterling Irrigation District
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