The 2025 Grant, Moisture Monitoring, Well Accounting, and Recharge Coring are services that the District offers.


LSPWCD along with Northern Conservancy District and the State of Colorado teamed together to provide this valuable tool to monitor the South Platte river.

Text Box: Our Moisture Monitoring program provides users with block installation and weekly soil moisture information.

We provide assistance with monthly well accounting for individual and group substitute water supply plans and augmentation plans. Contact District personnel for more information.


Augmentation Accounting

In association with South Platte Lower River Group (SPLRG) we provide coring services to conduct preliminary feasibility assessments of potential recharge sites. We also can install groundwater monitoring wells. This service is provided on a staff and equipment availability basis. Contact District personnel for more information.

Recharge Coring

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Above: Pictures of the Giddings coring rig. The hydraulic coring machine can drill up to 60 feet in depth.

See Augmentation Accounting Website for South Platte Augmentation Summary Accounting

Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District

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