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Colorado Water Congress – Federal Affairs

LSPWCD is a member of the Federal Affairs committee of the Colorado Water Congress which monitors and takes positions on water related issues at the Federal level.  LSPWCD continues to monitor important Federal water related topics and utilizes Colorado Water Congress to advocate for Colorado and its water users on Federal policies.  Waters of the United States (WOTUS) is a prime example of a Federal water policy that affects LSPWCD constituents. 

Recently, as a result of the United States Supreme Court Ruling in the Sackett Case, water related Dredge and Fill issues have become an issue within the State of Colorado.  Currently there are efforts to develop a program in Colorado to address and regulate activities in Coloroado that impact waters no longer covered under the Federal Water's of the United States.   LSPWCD continues to monitor and engage in the ever-changing policies associated with Dredge and Fill activities in Colorado.  

CWC Federal Affairs Website