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Interstate Compacts

Interstate Compacts Website

Interstate Compacts are a critical component to water supplies in the Lower South Platte basin.  The South Platte River Compact between Colorado and Nebraska directly impacts the constituents of LSPWCD.  In addition, due to the import of trans-basin diversions from outside of the South Platte River and the reliance on return flows generated from those diversions, the Colorado River Compact has an effect on water supplies within LSPWCD.  While LSPWCD continues to monitor the current issues regarding the Colorado River Compact, the District is actively involved with issues related to the South Platte Compact.  The announcement by the State of Nebraska in January of 2022 to invoke Article 6 (Perkins Canal) of the South Platte Compact has raised many issues and concerns within the South Platte Basin, primarily in Water District 64 (Lower Section of the South Platte Compact).  LSPWCD continues to monitor and stay involved with the developments of the Perkins Canal.   

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