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Water Supply Development

LSPWCD has been committed throughout its history to its original purpose of diverting and storing waters of the South Platte River and its tributaries for beneficial use.  In addition, LSPWCD is working with others to provide water for beneficial use to property owners within LSPWCD boundaries from the construction of “works” that conserve, develop and stabilize supplies of water.  In order to provide these benefits, LSPWCD is currently involved with several established or planned local and regional water supply development projects or programs.  LSPWCD is also dedicated to ensuring that any new works would not create negative impacts or cause material injury to the numerous existing water projects that supply water to various stakeholders throughout the South Platte basin.  The following are brief descriptions of water supply development projects or programs that LSPWCD is currently involved with: Julesburg Recharge Project, South Platte Water Related Activities Program, District 64 Reservoir Company, Northeast Colorado Water Cooperative, Platte Valley Water Partnership, and South Platte Regional Opportunities Water Group.